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Terms of Use

The policies outlined below govern the manner in which Home Show Tours Inc. does business. The policies apply to the Site and all products and services offered by Home Show Tours Inc.

IMPORTANT – Please read thoroughly

Package details, pricing, and conditions:

All packages are for the duration of the indicated time frames and are to be paid in full either prior or at the time services are rendered. There are no refunds, prorated refunds, or early termination discounts. The client agrees not to continue the advertisement in order to draw further potential sales leads of other homes not advertised on our site.

Properties listing with an agent/broker:

Our site is agent friendly. We have absolutely no problem with you listing with an agent or agents listing on our website.

Situations develop that cause questions or concerns about listing with or leaving an agent listed property:

Situation #1) If the agent paid for the advertisement and your contract is terminated with the agent: the advertisement will be terminated regardless if you are still on the market and want to go back to selling by owner. (This policy must be enforced for it is not in the best interests of the agent/broker who paid for the advertisement).

You can create a new advertisement for the property under your own account. All fees, etc apply as a new client and a new listing.

Situation #2) If you are selling FSBO and want to list your home with an agent: Our clients who decide to list their property with an agent/broker can take advantage of all renewal discounts, etc. The agent can also continue using the same advertisement – for it is in the best interest of the homeowner who paid for the advertisement.

Situation #3) If you switch agencies or agents: If you paid for the ad, switching is no problem. If the agent paid for the ad and you are terminating your contract with that agent, the ad will be terminated as well for the same reasons listing in #1.

Refund Policy

If the advertisement has been completed, and you have decided not to continue the advertisement – there will not be a refund. If you had the work completed, but were not able to pay at the time of the photo shoot, and decide not to continue – you will be billed for the complete ad and any other fees not collected. If you sell your property before the expiration date of your advertisement – “Awesome”! If you purchase the 6 month package and sell within 30 days – you cannot downgrade the package. In other words: There are no prorated refunds at all – no exceptions.

The information provided by you

Our business is not responsible for your information:

The company known as Home Show Tours Inc., or, (referred to in this document as “we”, “us”, “our site”, “company” or likewise) any of it’s personnel, and or subsidiaries, etc will not be liable for incorrectly posted information, errors, omissions, uploaded intellectual property, misunderstanding of such information, and/or any conflicting information. Furthermore, we will not be held liable for any information that may have/or will cause any conflict between the buyers, sellers, or any third parties. Please be careful and consider what you are loading to the site as you will be held accountable and responsible for that information.

Having Your Home Photographed

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have the property safe, ready to be photographed, to have all information checked for accuracy, and have all potential conflicts resolved. All inaccurate information is to be presented to us by the homeowner and is to be changed as soon as possible. Scheduling a photo shoot and not showing up at the time scheduled will be billed as a “no show” and require a travel fee to offset our time, gas, etc. This fee can range from$50 up to $100 depending on the amount of time and travel made by our employee to visit the property. Rescheduling requires a 24 hour advance notice from the time of the scheduled photo shoot. If inclement weather exists the day of the photo shoot, it will be at the photographer’s discretion to reschedule.

Professional photos taken by Home Show Tours Inc. staff:

All photos taken by Home Show Tours Inc. staff are property of Home Show Tours Inc.

Any and all manners of saving, copying, reproducing, or use of our content, (including all scripts, text, pictures, and all other content), may not be used or reproduced anywhere else but on our site. All pictures and information (and rights to such) will remain the property of our company. All rights reserved.

Online Payment

If you are paying online: If you use a service such as PayPal or any other means of online payment – you are agreeing to pay for the service. Once you submit your payment online, you agree not to arbitrate, back out, or attempt to adjust the payment.

Payments By Check or Cash

Checks that are returned for any reason are all subject to a $35 fee for each occurrence on top of the already owed amount the check was written for. No Exceptions.

Technical Issues

Any technical problems, viewing incapability, internet connection problems, etc are not the responsibility of our company. If your device is incapable (or not properly setup) to view any part of the site, or has any other problems using or viewing our content, the responsibility falls on the owner of the device to acquire the necessary plug-ins, technical support, software, etc. We will not be responsible for any downtime as a result of any technical problems or other problems caused by our hosting ISP.

If you do have a problem viewing or using a part of our site – please let us know and we will try to help you if we can.

Our Service is Advertising, we are not agents or brokers.

Our company, it’s employees, and so forth are not licensed realtors, licensed appraisers, or realty brokers. Our service is to advertise properties for sale or rent according to the information provided by the homeowner. We reserve the right to refuse service as we see fit. Any and all decisions will be determined fairly by the owner of our company and are not to be disputed. Any advertisement that proves damaging or detrimental to our business will be denied or terminated. All information acquired through our site will be directed to the client and the client will conduct the sale. No misuse of any contact information will be tolerated. Spamming or soliciting of our clients will be viewed as harassment and will be immediately reported. Any violation of these terms can, – and will – lead to termination of the advertisement and be reported to the appropriate authorities. All costs related to the terminated advertisement indicated will be accountable for by the client, as well as any financial costs our business may encounter as a result of the violation.

MLS Package: The MLS package is a referral to a local broker/agent who will place your home on the local multiple listing service AND let you sell by owner… Home Show Tours Inc. involvement is only in the advertising. We do not collect a commission nor do we have you sign a contract. The broker/agent will have their own contract for you to sign in order to get on the MLS. Conditions of said contract are the sole responsibility of you and the broker/agent. Home Show Tours Inc. has no involvement with the agreement you enter with the agent/broker.


If you are using one or more of our signs – Placement of the sign MUST be within city regulations. Any fines or charges for not following city regulations will be the responsibility of the homeowner solely. You agree to maintain our sign within these limits and accept all responsibility for the sign. Please check with your city office for information about sign placement. The yard sign ‘must’ be maintained for the duration of the advertisement. If your property gets listed with an agent, the sign is to be maintained in the yard. If the sign is pulled, the ad will be pulled as well with no refund or chance of placing it back on the site without renewal & the sign in place again.


Any violation of these terms will lead to termination of the advertisement and will be addressed by our law firm. All costs related to the violation will be accountable for by the client, as well as any financial costs our business may encounter as a result of the violation.

Changes to these policies

Home Show Tours Inc. has the discretion to update these policies at any time. We encourage Users to frequently check this page for any changes in order to stay informed. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review these policies periodically and become aware of modifications.

Privacy Policy: Click here to view our privacy policy

Your acceptance of these terms

By using this Site, you signify your acceptance of these policies. If you do not agree, please do not use our Site. Your continued use of the Site will be deemed your acceptance of these policies and the terms and conditions held within.

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