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Photo Use Policy –

Posted by qchomeshowadmin on June 7, 2018
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Over the last 19+ years, we have battled the constant use of our intellectual property on other websites. The issue is more than minor. We truly understand your want for quality photos… and, that is why we work hard to provide quality photography and then showcase those photos on our website.

Most people fail to understand that by hiring a photographer to take photos of their home for sale does “not” mean they are purchasing the photos.  The ownership of the photos legally belongs to the photographer (or the company the photographer works for). 

The real problem begins when those photos are spread across the web and copyright marks are being removed and/or covered up. This is illegal. Unless you have a release or some other sort of document stating you have rights to use the photos in the manner you are using them – you are setting yourself up for trouble.

You don’t have to take my word for it – do an internet search for photographer’s rights… who owns the photos, legal rights to photos, etc, etc.

A better solution for those who wish to add their property all of the web is to submit a hyperlink of their ad to the website they wish to broadcast on.

If you do not know how to add a hyperlink – it is very easy… 1) Visit the page you want shown 2) click the address bar at the top of your browser 3) copy the entire content of the address bar 4) paste it into website you wish to link to. (Be certain the website allows linking)… We do allow linking 🙂

If that is confusing – look up how to link from one webpage to another on youtube.

One questions I get – how to I link my ad to sites like Zillow? Zillow does not allow hyperlinks directly… Most people go around this by pasting the text of the url (webaddress) into their Zillow page and indicate to the viewer to “copy and paste this url into your address bar to view more photos”.

As for social media – we have a social share button that  you can use to automatically share your qchomeshow ad on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Twitter.

See the blog info on that subject by clicking here.


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