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Frequently Asked Questions


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>How do I go about getting my property on


>Do you have tips to prepare the home for photos?


>Can I sell by owner AND by on the MLS?


>What does your site offer over the competition?


>What are your prices for listing a home?


>Where do We return Your Signs After We Have Sold?


>What are the terms for listing a home on your site?


>If I decide to list my home with a realtor while listing my home on your site, will you allow me to use them as my contact?


>How can I advertise my business on your site?


>Do I have to sign a contract?


>Can I advertise on other websites as well as your site? 


>Can I use the photos you took on other sites, etc?


> Why Don't you place "New" next to your new listings?


>Do you track "hits" or "pageloads" of every listing?


>If I sell my home before the time period is up, can I get a prorated refund?


>How much will it cost me to renew my current listing?


>Why is the address on the sold properties not complete?


>Do you have any tips for buying or selling a home?


>Are you a licensed realtor? 


>Winter Home Sales - Should I wait until Spring?


>Why can't I see the Flash Tours?


>Do you have open house signs?


>How do I go about getting new photos?



Q: Can I Sell By Owner AND Be On The MLS?


A: Yes! Learn More by

Q: How do I go about getting my property on


A: Simply contact us or fill out our new client request form. We will come to the property, take photos of every room, let your pick the photos you wish to use, gather additional details, and then (normally) have it processed and on our site that night!

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Q: What are your prices for listing a home on your site?


A: All the information about our services and prices can be found by

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A: If you are a business, you may visit the business advertising section of our site by or by simply contacting us via email, phone, or pager.

If you have a property you wish to advertise, you will find your answers by

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Q: What are the terms for listing a home on your site?


A: Your answers can be found  by .

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Q: Do I have to sign any contracts?


A: No. Quad City Home Show does not require you to sign any contracts. The conditions for listing, advertising, and using this site are all detailed on the "terms and conditions page. You may read this info by .

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A: YES. Your advertising dollars are just that, YOURS! We will not tell you how to spend your money or forbid you to advertise on our site exclusively. It has been brought to my attention that "other" websites insist on this, but we would NEVER infringe on our client's right to advertise their homes whenever and wherever they please. (Yes, Realtors are welcome to advertise as well).

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Q: Can I use the photos you took on other sites, etc?


A: No. The pictures taken are property of they cannot be used for any other purpose. Refer to our terms of use policy.

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Q: What does your site offer over the competition?


A: We have been in business since 1999.. Our site is very popular.

Anyone looking for a home to buy in the Quad Cities knows our site as well as our competitors.

I refuse to use the unreliable statistical software other sites use - nor do I believe it is necessary. Thousands of our successful sellers prove it is not about "unique visitor count". That is just another marketing tool for other sites to portray themselves as better than others.


Selling a home online is about the presentation of the property.

More photos and details are of paramount importance.

You can get 6 photos with our competitor (or pay additional fees per photo/per month) for a "lot" more money.

They will have "you" write the descriptions - and - those descriptions will only be of the rooms photographed. You will have to sign a contract that states you cannot advertise your property on any other website, etc, etc...

You will be lucky if they don't charge you a travel fee, extra photo fee, rush fee (to get it online quickly), change fees, etc, etc.


Our site offers more photos per package price for less money! "We" will write the descriptions of "every" room - even those not shown. We do not have any rush fees (we get the ad online the same day the photos are taken). We have no change fees, etc.etc.. Service & exposure is what you expect - and - we deliver that.


Exposure is the key... with the additional photos & details - we provide better exposure of your home.


Below are a few links with more info.



Put Simply: No Contracts, Lower Prices, More Options, and No long waiting period.


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A: From a marketing point of view - your "new" listing will only be new for a short time. Afterwards you would be considered "old". That being the case, if we placed new next to the listings - the viewer would be tempted to view only the new listings. We want the viewers to view all the listings in their price range. Adding new would leave you in the "old" category at one time or another. Thus your property would not be viewed as often and/or may not be compared to a new listing. This would not help you compete with the rest of the homes in your price range. In order to maximize your property's potential, we believe adding "new" will create a situation that deters viewers from collecting comparable homes. Consider this - if a product was new and improved - does that mean the original product was "old and lousy"????  The comparables of new and old should not apply when advertising properties for sale.  When a new listing is added to our site - the "view tour" link is a bright blue - once it has been visited - it turns a purple. This indicated is far better than indicating new vs old.

If you have comments or questions about this theory - feel free to contact us.

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Q: Do you track "hits" or "pageloads" of every listing?


A: There are a few different ways to track "hits or pageloads"

A favorite amongst several tour sites is statistical logging software. We have tested the software used by other sites that was "supposed" to be accurate at tracking hits - loads - and movement from a viewer. Each version of the software we tested was stating we were averaging over 65,000 hits per day, thousands of distinct visitors, etc. When I questioned the methods of how these types of software calculated the amounts - all I was told was "it is a great marketing tool" - but when I asked if it was accurate - I was given the same answer "It's a great marketing tool"....

Being a educated programmer (an a person who believes honesty is the "best" policy) - I researched this in depth and came to find that the methods in which this software works was not satisfactory, not completely accurate, easily manipulated, and good for nothing more than presenting a "less than true statistic."   If a viewer is using a dial up connection - the ip address changes every time they log on  (the method in which they count distinct visitors) - If every time you log in your Ip address changes - you are now a "new - distinct visitor" - even though you have been there before. Every load and move is tracked - from the listing page to an individual ad - back to the listing page - to another ad, etc, etc, etc ---- building the count... A single viewer could easily add a multitude of hits/loads - and be counted over and over - log in - log off - log in - be recounted ... Refresh a page - be recounted... Clear you computers cache memory - be recounted...change the links on the page, be recounted... Thank goodness the census bureau does not use this method of counting! Can you imagine?! 

Others who use this type of software will argue that it is the best way to track their success - and use it to market their business with banners stating hundreds of thousands of page loads - amount of distinctive visitors - and other questionable data provided by this type of inaccurate measuring.  Be assured - We refuse to present any inaccurate methods of counting that generate less than true statistics in order to drive our business.... 

The second favorite way site like to track hits is by using counters. Although counters are frequent all over the internet - they slow the website down immensely - do not provide a completely accurate count - and therefore we refuse to use them.

Customer Testimonials are the only true source of proof that a business is doing it's job correctly, honestly, and in the best interest of the client. You can judge our success by the amount of testimonial on our site -> Click here to view some of our customer testimonials

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Q: If I sell my home before the time period is up, can I get a prorated refund?


A: The amount of money charged for our services is calculated on time spent on development of your listing, taking and editing the photos, and the costs of running the website. The time period for your listing is a plus for the package you purchase. With a better package, we offer extended time limit to enhance the offer. We cannot prorate or refund any money as it would offset our costs on labor, travel, etc. 

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Q: How much will it cost me to renew my current listing?


A: The costs for renewal are indicated on our services & prices page.   If you are a 60 or 90 day customer that wants to renew for only thirty days, your listing will not change, just the amount of time you are on the site. There is no loss of the amount of photos or details like some of the other sites would do to you.

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Q: Do you have any tips for buying or selling a home?


A: Yes. Please visit our "Buying and Selling Tips" page by .

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Q: Are you a licensed realtor?


A: No. Quad City Home Show is an advertising site exclusively. Although we do have realtors listed on our site, we do not in any way charge percentages, or calculate mortgages, or any of the other services you may require from a realtor. We strive to increase the exposure of your home by providing  photos, details, and modern tech. software to show off your home in such a way as that the viewer will be intrigued enough to call for a private showing.

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Q: If I decide to list my home with a realtor while listing my home on your site, will you allow me to use them as my contact?


A: *Yes. If you decide to list your home with a realtor and want us to change your contact information to that of your realtor, all that needs to be done is to have your realtor contact us and give permission to use their logo and name. We will also scan and place you realtor's business card on the site FREE of charge. The yard sign must be maintained in the front yard for the duration of the ad per the terms of use, and please remove the lower for sale by owner panel.

*NOTE: There are certain Realtors that do not allow you to keep your ad when listing with them. ALWAYS ask prior to signing. You may assume they would tell you this prior to signing, but in many cases, they have not. If you wish to keep your advertising while listing with an agent - be sure to interview several agents and different brokerages prior to making a decision and don't forget to ask if they wish to have their contact information placed on your ad. If they don't allow you to keep your ad, you should ask yourself if they are truly acting in your best interests. The advertising is paid for - "why" would they just throw that away???

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Q: Why is the address for the sold properties not complete?


A:  To protect the new homeowner's and the seller's privacy, we have decided that it is not a good practice to let the viewer's view the interior photos, complete address, and contact information after the home has been sold. I am sure you will agree, you would not want this information accessible  after the home is sol if "you" were either the buyer or seller.

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Q: Why can't I see the Flash Tours


A: Your pc evidentially does not have the flash player plugin loaded. Download and install the player and you will see all the flash graphics! The player is free and will not harm your system. Click the banner to the right to download the flash player plugin.

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Q: Winter Home Sales - Should I wait until Spring?


A: Read an informative article concerning this subject by


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Q:  Where do I return Your Signs?


A:  For the new 2017 sign design - you can dispose of the sign or if you wish to go green - you may mail the sign back to us and we will repurpose it.


For signs prior to 2017 (metal framed sign)


Signs can be dropped off at:
24789 Hazelwood West Road Geneseo, IL 61254


If you need directions, please visit for door to door directions. (or click the address above to visit the webpage via hyperlink) If you cannot find your way or get lost - please contact me 309-756-7469.

*Please place the signs inside the vertical storage shed located near the overhead garage door. If the shed is full, place the signs against the shed’s front doors.
*Please do not knock or ring the door bell. These are resident’s homes. (The owner’s have been gracious enough to allow their homes to be used as a drop off location for my signs. They have no part of I will obtain the signs from them, and mail your deposit as soon as I can.

It is required that you leave a note in the info tube (or taped to the steel portion of the sign) with your complete contact information: This information is necessary so I know who the signs came from, and where to mail the deposit to.
If any information is left out, I may not be able to complete your refund request.
(Client’s name must be exactly as it was posted on your ad. Refund checks will be written to a confirmed client’s name only)

Full Name: _____________________________________________

Phone numbers: (_____) - ____ - _______

Your new or current “Complete“ address:

Street: ______________________________________________
City: ________________________
Zip: ____________

# of signs you are returning: Yard:_____ Arrow:_____ S/P:_____ Info Tube:______
Date Of Return: ____ /____/______


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Q:  Do you have open house signs?

A:  Our new 2017 sign design comes with a blank center space allowing you to write your open house times on the main sign. The new design also comes with arrow stickers so you may use it as a directional sign as well. If you need additional signs, we can mail them to you. There will be a shipping & handeling fee for each sign mailed. You may also find open house signs at the local hardware stores or online shops.

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Q: How do I go about getting new photos?

A: If you wish to have new photos taken, the charge is $50 for our time & travel. If you wish to take your own photos & email them to us, we will replace them for free.

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