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Top 10 Reasons Why More & more Quad City Home Sellers Choose

Top 10 Reasons Why More & More Quad City Home Sellers
are choosing over the competition


#1: No Contract Or Commissions 
We do not receive any commission or require a contract. (Unlike one local qc fsbo site that has a mandatory contract that forbids you from advertising on other fee based sites or list your property with a realtor). When researching a tour site to advertise your property, be sure to ask if they require a contract, and why they require a contract. 

#2: High Success Rate 
While other sites place questionable statistics & banners on their sites to drive future business - we place our numerous customer testimonials on our site for you to see an accurate measurement of our success. After reading these testimonials, you will be reassured we are working in the best interests of our clients & that our advertising works! "Customer testimonials are the only true measure of how a business is doing it's job - correctly, honestly, and in the best interest of the client."

#3: No Questionable Stats & Banners
Unlike one local fsbo site, we do not place questionable statistics & banners on our site. If they cannot provide proof of their claim on their website, then you should question the claim's validity. Why don't they provide the proof of their claims? Good Question!  We believe in driving our future business in an honest fashion with integrity & commitment to success. Therefore, you will not find any questionable stats or banners on our site.

#4: Fast Service! 
We can have your property photographed & on our website within 24-48 hours in most cases - and - your ad will be on the site the same day the photos are taken! (NO Rush Fees)!

#5: Experience = Exposure 
Our company has been driving traffic towards our site since 1999. Our continuing efforts to increase exposure through television, radio, and other media has proven to be extremely effective in keeping our site in the eyes of the public.

#6: More Options 
Sellers have the opportunity to take advantage of our vast amount of options to market their property. We provide more options than any other local tour site! Printable Flyers, Panoramic Imaging, Payment Guides, Flash Tours, disposable yard signs, Mls Package & more! More options increase your exposure - increased exposure improves your chances of selling! Get the best presentation possible by advertising your home on!

#7: Superior Service 
Virtual tour advertising is a service. We show our appreciation to our clients by rendering service that is above & beyond expectation. All updates are completed the very same day you request them, We write the room descriptions for you, and we do this & more Free for all of our clients.


#8: Longer Advertising
We have created several packages that include more photos & options than any other local tour site!


#9: 24/7 Exposure 
The internet has changed the way people advertise their homes for sale. Print advertising has become a thing of the past. Old school techniques are shadowed by the ease of use, cost effectiveness, and larger platform the internet provides.  Any time of the day or night your home advertisement will be available for view in full color with many photos & informative descriptions. You will find many sites that offer this type of advertising - but - no other tour site can provide you with a better presentation than!


#10: Realtor Friendly
Our business is advertising homes for sale. Whether it be by owner or by realtor - we only wish to provide a superior presentation in order to get potential buyers to the property. Other sites that are not realtor friendly will not receive as much response do to the lack of cooperation and negative overtones that these restrictive sites implement. vs qcfsbo .com®