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Don't have a web page of your own, or the company website does not give you the personal attention you need?

Then have us develop a web page ad along with your banner ad to help emphasize your service or product.

Several of our advertisers made use of this option in the past because they needed specific attention to their field, or their company website did not give them the opportunity to endorse themselves properly. We can develop your personal web ad that will be linked from your banner ad to draw the target audience to your service or product. Email forms, links, and graphics of your choice are all available for you to add to your site ad. Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your personal needs for this option.



We can and will link to your site if your site is of an acceptable nature and promises to be beneficial to our viewers or clients. The terms are that you purchase either a banner ad or text ad. reserves the right to refuse linking and advertising any and all unacceptable sites.



If you wish to have your service advertised on our site, and would like us to build a form that will email you the results of such, the following conditions apply:  1) The information you are requesting from the viewer cannot violate any privacy laws or otherwise. 2) The information provided cannot be used to contact the viewer to advertise competition against 3) You agree that all information provided is private and is not to be sold, used for spamming purposes, or any of the such. 4) will not be held responsible for any misrepresentation of input of otherwise. 5) You must provide an accurate email address .

Once all conditions have been met, the price of the form will be derived by the content and layout. Contact us for more information about this feature.


Terms and Conditions will not be liable for any misprints, incorrectly posted information. It is the client’s obligation to see that the advertisement is correct in all ways. All advertisements are for the duration of the indicated time frames and are to be paid in full before any services are rendered. reserves the right to refuse service as it sees fit. If any content is deemed harmful or unsatisfactory, the advertisement will be terminated, We reserve the right to determine the factors for dismissal solely and it will not be disputed by the client as part of this agreement. No prorating or refunds will be given. Email addresses and/or phone numbers can be used but no spamming of any sort is allowed. Any misuse of this information will not be tolerated. Spamming or soliciting will be viewed as harassment and will be reported. All violation of these terms can, and will lead to termination of the advertisement. Any costs related to the terminated advertisement indicated will be accountable for by the client as well as any financial costs may encounter as a result of the violation. Linking or any other form of connection to this site including it's material (text, pictures, and all else), may not be reproduced without express permission. The sign provided will remain the property of and is to be secured by the homeowner throughout the listing and then returned in good condition.  All rights reserved . / is owned and operated by Home Show Tours Inc..

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